FAQ Romeo Homes

Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is purchasing a custom modern home more practical than buying a period style home?

    Not really, in fact the interior of both these types of homes are equally modern and luxurious. The facades are the biggest point of difference and that’s really just down to personal taste.

  • If I live in an area with many period homes does that mean I have to build a period style home on my block?

    Absolutely not. If you’re building a home from scratch we can show you many modern custom home designs that will blend well with your neighbourhood while giving you the home you want.

  • Will it be more expensive to build a period style home than a modern custom home?

    Not necessarily, however, because period style homes are highly sought after in Melbourne you have a greater chance of getting a better return on your investment.

  • I live on a really obscure shaped block, will I have trouble finding a home design to suit?

    No, we have a huge range of designs all of which can be adapted to suit the size, shape and gradient of your block.

  • What about inclusions in your building packages?

    We have a very wide range and comprehensive list of inclusions that we can discuss with you during our first consultation.

  • I’ve heard that period style homes are not particularly energy efficient, is that true?

    The building technologies that we employ mean that our period style homes are just as energy efficient as our modern custom homes.


    At Romeo Homes we know that every project is unique and every client is different. Whether we build you a custom modern home or something from our range of adaptable period style designs, the design and build of your home centres around you.


    Experience a seamless, all-in-one service where we take care of everything so you can simply enjoy.


    We are committed to building high quality homes, whether you are a first home buyer or an investor seeking a multi-million dollar home. Our industry award winning homes are testament to our care and commitment.