9 Oct, 2019

Our Tip: Balancing Modern & Charming Elements

BUILDER’S TIP: Creating the look and feel of a period-style home doesn’t necessarily mean copying all the feature of the actual era ☝️. Instead, blend specific elements that work to ...

2 Oct, 2019

What to Consider: Creating a Period Style Home

There are a few different elements that make a period-style home unique from other designs. From interior elements like wall accents to exterior finishings, there are specific things to keep in mind ...

25 Sep, 2019

Your Project is in Great Hands

Lay back and rest easy with Romeo Home’s seamless approach to building your dream home. To learn more about our services and products, drop us an email on info@tcbg.com.au.

18 Sep, 2019

Our Tailored Approach

We understand that there’s a lot at stake when it comes to your dream home. It takes a lot of time, effort, investment and planning your vision to make it truly your own. We’ve tailored ...

11 Sep, 2019

It's the Little Things that Count

The interior of your period style home doesn’t need to copy all the features of the actual area. Little elements can be all that is needed in order to embody the charming style that a period h ...

4 Sep, 2019

The Beauty of Elevated Design

Enjoy sleek, elegant and luxurious elements of an elevated custom home design. As Melbourne’s specialists in custom homes, renovations and extensions and period style homes, we have the abilit ...

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