4 Dec, 2019

Freedom in Design: Kitchen Layouts with Period-Style Homes

Your kitchen can have the same characteristics as a period-style home, but it doesn’t have to FUNCTION in that same time period! The beauty of designing this style of home is that you still hav ...

27 Nov, 2019

Making the Building Process Seamless with Period-Style Homes

Achieving a period-style home can be an even bigger challenge than building a custom home from the ground-up. However, if you have a good design and construction team behind you, the process doesn&r ...

20 Nov, 2019

Our Tip of the Week

Builder’s Tip: Blend, blend, blend! At the end of the day, the goal of a period-style home is to marry the charming past with modern design. Open-concept living spaces can be adorned with hin ...

13 Nov, 2019

Marrying Function and Charm Together

When it comes to achieving the perfect period-style home, there’s a lot to consider! Not only are you wanting to marry style and function, but you also want to ensure that it creates a sense of ...

6 Nov, 2019

How to work Ornamental Features in your Design

Ornamental features offer are stunning and offer subtle (yet impactful) hints of charm to your period-style home. But be careful to not overdo it! Heavier styles can risk ageing your wonderful new ...

30 Oct, 2019

Achieving a Delicate Balance

Achieving a period-style home can be challenging. How can you blend the functionality of modern homes while also remaining authentic and respectful to the charm that a period style home offers? It& ...

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